Dating a finance guy

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We met at one of those all-the-mimosas-you-can-drink brunches downtown. On my walk back to work, I text Estella that I’m back in town.

I just landed in New York after two weeks away, and already she’s all I’m thinking about. I go right to my office, a finance job, from the airport.

The inevitable breakup: Because you can only hear thinly veiled jokes about yourself told on stage to a room full of strangers so many times. For him life is just not worth living without the Yankees, Central Park, a front stoop, and 4am last calls.

Neighborhood: Upper West Side He’s one of those rare New Yorkers that is actually FROM the city. Your first date: Being born-and-raised in NYC, he’s going to want to impress you with something super cool and New York-y, like taking you to The Campbell Apartment followed by the whispering arch at Grand Central Station.

(You knew about both of these things already but will act surprised anyway.) The inevitable breakup: After 10 years in NYC, you’re ready to try out a different city.

Jake, however, thinks moving to Boerum Hill is far enough.

Please take a look at the graph below and you’ll understand why you should work hard in your 20s.

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But let's face it, we also love watching hot, young guys dressed in Brooks Brothers suits on the Downtown 4 train during rush hour.Neighborhood: West Village He’s been trying to make a go of it for the last 10 years playing consistent rotating gigs at The Grisly Pear or the Village Lantern.He doesn’t actually live in the West Village, though.It’s the middle of the summer, you’re trapped in that subway car that doesn’t have air conditioning, and all you can hope for is that your co-workers don’t notice you’ve sweated through your brand new dress shirt.You might have casual Fridays, or even Summer Fridays (all you agency folks out there), but that doesn’t mean you should slack off on building up your Excel skills and learning how to be productive.

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