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But the marriage deteriorated quickly amidst charges of infidelity.

Lisa Raye was accused of having an affair with former Miami Heat point guard Gary Payton, who separated from his wife this week.

On Wednesday night, for unknown reasons, Lisa Raye decided to confront Misick at his mansion, which resulted in the violent altercation.

source Home wrecker Rocsi better watch out because Lisa Raye is on the loose and Rocsilla is about to get hers for sure.

Also, she told us about her "parental contract" which might be a nifty little tip other moms can use....

As the mother of 22-year-old model Kai Morae, Chicago native Lisa Raye has balanced her own career with good old fashioned parenting.

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The couple made a social splash in New York as sexy Lisa Raye played the role of first lady and Misick, just 41, hugely boosted tourism on the pristine 40-island cluster, where Keith Richards and Bruce Willis have homes along the world's third-biggest barrier reef.I think because I'm a mother who's in the public eye, I have to stay current on what's going on.It makes me kinda "cooler." I'm saying that to say I'm more "in the know" with my daughter. Having your kids trust you and be able to come to you about anything is important.""My daughter has lived a privileged lifestyle by virtue of being Lisa Raye's daughter.Lisa Raye Mc Coy is shopping for a man with the help of online dating!The 50-year-old actress recently launched Man Shopping, an online webseries chronicling her search for love.

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