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3 1924 030 898 HI olln Overs r^ Cornell University Library The original of this book is in the Cornell University Library. 87 International Code of Signals American Edition PUBLISHED BY THE HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE SECRETARY OF THE NAVY •Ml, ' ^^ Washington : Government Printing Office : 1909 ^ / INTRODUCTION. Geographical, Alphabetical Spelling Tables, and Vessels' Numbers are four-flag signals. The first part contains urgent and important signals and all the tables of money, weights, barometric heights, etc., together with a geographical list and a table of phrases formed with the auxiliary verbs. It consists of a general vocabulary and a geographical indpx. The third part gives lists of the United States storm-warning, life-saving, time- signal, and wireless telegraph stations, and of Lloyd's signal stations of the world. National colors worn by United States vessels ' Frontispiece Flags of the principal maritime countries Plate II Flags and pennants of the International Code (Front and rear) Plate III Meanings of the flags and pennants of the International Code when hoisted singly with the Cede Pennant 7 Signals of distress 7 Signals for pilots 8 PART I.

NAT I O N AL COLO R S WORN BT UNITED STATES VESSELS. • • • * -i: * • • ••*••• *••••••* *•••*•■*•* *•••*•*■* UTSr ON JACK. .., 34 Signals to be used only between vessels towing and being towed 35 URGENT AND IMPORTANT SIGNALS.

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Flags AB to ZY 36 Compass table in degrees — ABC to AQC 45 Compass table in points and half points — AQD to AST 46 United States and foreign moneys — ASU to AV.

T , 47 United States and foreign measures and weights — AVK to BCN 51 List of countries in which the metric system is used 55 Table for converting metrical measures and weights into their equivalents 55 Latitude and longitude — Code Pennant over AB to Code Pennant over KP 56 Divisions of time and of latitude and longitude — Code Pennant over KQ to Code Pennant over QL. 58 Barometer in inches and millimeters — Code Pennant over QM to Code Pennant over TS 59 Thermometer according to the Fahrenheit, Centigrade, and Reaumur systems — Code Pennant over TU to Code Pennant over ZY 60 ATJXIMARY PHRASES. Storm-warning display stations of the United States 505 Time signals of the United States 509 United States naval wireless telegraph stations 512 Life-saving districts and stations of the United States 515 Lloyd's signal stations of the world 522 Distant signals — (o) Fixed semaphore for coast usp 527 (b) International Code Signals 528 (c) Special signals 531 Semaphores and semaphoring by hand flags — (o) British ; 540 (6) French 542 United States Army and Navy Code 545 Morse code _ 547 FTJ»l GS of THi: PRINCIPAI.

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